What it involves

A Quick-Lock mechanical repair uses mechanical bracing with an EPDM rubber sleeve to provide a hydraulic seal. There are no active chemical products such as glues, laminates or resins involved. The materials used are V4A (316) high-grade steel and EPDM rubber both of which have been successfully proven to be effective in the construction of pipes and sewage for decades. The quick-lock system can be installed as a single 500mm long repair or can be linked together to form a continuous repair for any length of defect

The Quick-Lock system is WRC Approved and comes with a 50-year guarantee. The Quick-Lock Big application is for pipe diameters above 800mm and is installed via man- entry techniques. The gasket is 100-200mm wide and is essentially used as a joint sealing repair. The Quick-Lock LEM System is designed as a liner end seal for UV Cured lining. This is used when relining drains with water ingress to give a permanent seal at each end of the liner.

Our Service 

  • Stainless steel sleeves, surrounded by a seamless EDPM rubber compression gasket
  • Sleeve have integrated ‘reverse’ ratchet mechanisms that allow them to be compressed to allow manoeuvring into position
  • Once in the right place, they are expanded with the Quick-Lock packer to the required pressure and then locked in place by the ratchet
  • The pneumatically packers come in a range of sizes

Our Process

  • The Quick-Lock patch –comprising of a steel ring with a rubber gasket – is coiled around an inflatable packer on the installation trolley
  • Using a CCTV camera, the packer is winched to the location in need of repair
  • The packer is inflated, expanding the Quick-Lock patch until it is pressed tight against the existing pipe
  • The ‘reverse’ ratchet mechanical locking system is then expanded to hold the patch securely and permanently in place
  • The packer is then deflated and the trolley pulled back
  • A final CCTV inspection confirms the installation location and quality.


  • Quick Installation (typically 15 minutes from set-up)
  • From 150 mm-800 mm remote installation
  • Less than800 mm installation using Quick-Lock Big
  • No need to stop flows

When to use Quick Lock repairs and their benefits

Speed and product certainty are the key benefits of utilising the Quick Lock system, as well as its ability to be installed without flow control. It is suitable for repairing most common forms of damage found in sewer networks, including: –

  • Cracks and fractures and holes
  • Water infiltration/effluent exfiltration, particularly at joints
  • Realignment/sealing of displaced joints;
  • Root intrusion
  • Closing dormant or unused inflows.
  • Liner end sealing

Why choose the McAllister Group for Quick Lock repairs

People – Our manufacturer-trained, specialised staff possess considerable experience in using the system

Experience – The McAllister Group was one of the pioneers of the system in the UK; we typically install over 250 per annum

Speed – With a pool of highly-trained and experienced staff to draw from, stock materials for common diameters and fast lead times secured from the manufacturer, we can mobilise and install the system quickly!