Gullies are designed to remove surface water from roads and paved areas. Frequently they can become blocked with dead leaves, soil, and other items, preventing the flow of water from the gully grating to the outlet/drain. A blocked gully can lead to serious flooding, accidents and damage to road and paved area surfaces.

The McAllister Group possess considerable experience in the cleaning and removing debris from the gullies to restore full normal operation. Supported by a large fleet of combination units designed specifically for safe and efficient works on highways to clean and maintain road gullies. The McAllister Group has worked in partnership with Local Authorities including the Department for Infrastructure (former DRD Roads’ Service NI), the Highways Agency UK and County & Local Councils across the Republic of Ireland.

Our service includes removing all debris/grit from each gully, a high pressure water rinse of the gully and a flush test to ensure the gullies are working properly. We offer maintenance contracts for Facilities Management companies managing Retail and Commercial properties and long-term maintenance contracts for local authorities.