Alongside our sewer and drain cleaning the McAllister Group offers customers a root removal service using a variety of techniques. Tree roots can enter drainage systems through joints, fractures or broken pipework to access the water and nutrients inside. As a consequence, some of the roots will fan out to form a root mass whilst the hair thin roots that initially entered the system can transform into tap roots breaking the pipe collar as they expand.

The majority of these roots can be removed using our high pressure water jetting units but to ensure the removal of all roots a special root cutting head is fitted to the high pressure jetting unit. These flail jets have chains at the rear which spin around chopping at the roots as they rotate and have a forward-facing cutting head that rotates with the pressure of water being pumped through them.

For tougher “tap roots” which are much thicker and difficult to cut through, we will deploy a specialist high pressure water jetter cutting rig that is significantly more powerful and will cut through the root will ease. On occasion we can use our robotic cutting units to remove any stubborn roots although this is a slower process. Once the roots have been removed we would recommend rehabilitating the pipe to prevent further root ingress by sealing the joints or fractures with patch repairs or relining.