McAllister Bros | Then and Now

Established in 1971 by brothers Eamon, Michael and Patrick McAllister and located in Newry, McAllister Bros. Ltd was formed as an environmental services company offering drain cleaning services to business and residential customers. One of the firm’s first business customers was the Goodyear factory which was located in Lurgan. From its modest beginning, the company has evolved over the years into an Industry leader offering a range of high-tech and innovative solutions to clients across multiple industry and business sectors. The family-owned company’s core values remain unchanged with the progress of time. For over 45 years the company has prided itself on an outlook centred on integrity, deliverability, innovativeness and customer-focused solutions.

At Present

Headquartered in Newry, with offices in Horton, Eglington and London, the McAllister Group of companies employ over 100 staff and operate a fleet of over 70 vehicles across its Ireland and Great Britain divisions. Until recently the company maintained an office and response team in the in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Our portfolio of services is offered to industrial, commercial and residential customers across Great Britain and Ireland. Our core business remains the inspection, maintenance and renovation of pipelines and sewers offering customers the most comprehensive and innovative solutions utilising trenchless or ‘No-Dig’ technologies such as Robotic Cutting, Ultra-Violet Cured-in-Place-Pipe (UV CIPP) and CCTV surveying.

As the company approaches its 50th anniversary in 2021, we will continue to strive forward responding to the demands of customers and reacting to the dynamics of the marketplace. We plan to continue to ensure that the McAllister Group remains at the forefront of the Industry as a specialist supplier of environmental services through continued investment, risk-taking, innovativeness and our ability to deliver consistently for customers.

At the heart of the company’s ethos is a desire to evolve and innovate which in part explains the company’s longevity in a competitive and dynamic environment. We are currently entering a new phase of growth exploring opportunities in new markets and business segments and working closely with companies drawn from the Pharma-Care, Food & Drink/Agri-Food, Transport, Tourism/Leisure and Retail sectors. We are proud to have maintained long-term working relationships with many companies and organisations within our client portfolio including large Water Utility providers such as NI Water, Irish Water, Thames Water, Southern Water and transport providers such as Translink, Transport NI, Network Rail and London Underground.

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