Accredited Contractors for Environmental Services

We are an accredited contractor with over 45 years experience we are committed to maintaining our reputation for clean and sustainable work. The McAllister Group is certified to a number of internationally recognised standards including:

  • Health and Safety Management – OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004

The McAllister Group is a quality assured company maintaining and operating an Integrated Management System which covers Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety and which is monitored by the independent certifying body, IMS. Since 2014, the Company has been recognised by the Department of Employment and Learning (DELNI) as an Investors in People company. These accreditations bear testament to McAllister Group’s ongoing commitment to workforce development and to creating a framework designed to help the company develop the knowledge and skills of its workforce.

For us Health and Safety is vital. All our staff is highly trained and equipped with the most up to date equipment. We make sure that all safe working practices are observed on and off site at all times. This is achieved through regular site inspections and making sure all subcontractors have adequate health, safety and environmental competences and accreditations.

We have policies in place to make sure that all our work is performed in both an ethical and sustainable way. We strive to provide an influence that benefits the communities we work within. Our corporate responsibility programme has three dimensions: Education, The Environment and The Community.

We understand that our work might impact the environment and that is why we operate under strict controls. All our teams are trained to make sure any chance of damage to the environment is as close to nil as can be.

No company would have lasted for as long as we have without one thing. A strong commitment to quality. This is of utmost importance to us. Our reputation is based upon our quality assurance. All our work is overseen by a Quality Manager who makes sure it is done to the highest standard. We know that clients will have cost and time restrictions but we do not feel that should result in poor quality work.

All of this is what makes us the company we are today. In addition, the McAllister Group maintain a series of accreditations for industry and sectoral specific projects such as Achilles UVDB, UVDB Verify and RISQS among others.

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