Here at McAllister Group we are very proud of the range of Commercial Services we provide. From Environmental, Trenchless, Surveying and finally Consultancy we have it all. As market leaders in Ireland and the UK with over 45 years experience under our belts we are confident that for any problems you may have we can provide the answers. Our emphasis on using the most up to date technology coupled with our highly trained staff means we can perform our services as cost effectively as possible for you.

McAllister Environmental

One of the major aspects of the commercial services we provide is our environmental work. Utilising cutting edge technology coupled with our over 45 years of experience we perform a huge range of environmental services. Our teams are fully qualified and experienced in the handling of all sorts of sewer and drain maintenance as well as waste management.

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McAllister Trenchless

Our trenchless services offer modern answers for old problems. McAllister Group is a trenchless Industry Specialist offering customers the most comprehensive and innovative environmental solutions utilising ‘No-Dig’ technologies such as UV Cured-in-Place-Pipe lining, Robotic Cutting, Manhole lining, lateral lining and bespoke trenchless solutions. With the help of the newest technology and our relationships with suppliers we will be able to fix your problems all the while taken into account any cost and time requirements you may have.

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McAllister Surveying

Before a problem can be fixed it must be discovered. If a problem is found before it gets out of hand then the fixing of it is a much easier affair. That is why we are so proud of our surveying services. One of the most important factors in a successful resolution of a pipe problem is the initial investigation. With our use of cctv, robot crawler units and as a last resort man entries we have all the tools needed to determine what problems you may have and how to fix them.

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McAllister Consultancy

Drawing upon our over 45 years of experience our consultancy teams are adept at working with clients to make sure all work is carried out as efficiently as possible. Working with a range of organisations across Britain and Ireland we strive to work collaboratively and effectively on all projects. More and more we are being brought in at the beginning of projects to make sure they run as smoothly as possible. It is this expertise that has made us leaders in the marketplace regarding consultancy

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