The McAllister Group was engaged by Lagan Construction to complete a series of CIPP patch repairs to the runway and taxiing lanes at Guernsey Airport. This was our second consecutive visit in recent years to address surface water issues which we had previously ascertained was a consequence of problems with sections of the drainage system that were deformed (perhaps as a result of concrete crushing pipes).

At the outset, the pipes needed to be cleaned before a CCTV survey could be undertaken. The camera survey identified and verified the areas where the defects were located confirming the views of the client. In advance of works, our pre-conditioning tasks included the deployment of our brand new Recycler to remove 2.5 tonnes of silt and shingle from the surface water system in conjunction with our Main Line CCTV Survey unit. Once we established and agreed the locations requiring patching with the client, our team installed a total of 27 patches, each 450mm x 1000mm. In tandem with the repairs, the McAllister Team plotted the exact location of several connections that were patched over and subsequently reopened upon completion of the works. We benefited from using our state-of-the-art equipment including new CCTV equipment, our new Recycling Unit and our Prokasro robotic cutting vehicle.

The works were completed at night over a nine day period during which the airport was closed. Each morning our team had to hand back the runway and taxiing lanes by 6am without delay or incident. The contract was completed within submitted programme duration parameters without issue and to the full satisfaction of the client.

Over the last five years, the Group has developed considerable expertise and experience of working on timebound and complex projects within airport environments. With these projects there is a necessity to avoid disrupting traffic, avoid incidents and to restore the site to an operational level on a daily basis. Our previous experience includes Belfast International Airport, Dublin Airport, Shannon Airport, Guernsey Airport, George Best Belfast City Airport and the City of Derry Airport. The McAllister Group will be commencing work in June 2017 at Heathrow Airport.

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