The McAllister Group’s Environmental Teams were recently on site at The Roddens in Larne tasked with cleaning debris from three tank sewers which were clogged up. The flow of waste materials within the three 2.2m circular concrete tank sewers was impeded by the debris as it made its downward descent into the sewer network. The slowing down of the flow created a bottleneck which in turn caused blockages in the system.

At the end of each tank chamber there was a valve which could be used to either increase or decrease the flows. Unfortunately, over time the valves had corroded necessitating their replacement. This exercise could not be completed until each chamber was successfully cleaned.

Our JetVac and Tanker Teams were on site for two weeks cleaning debris from the 6 tanks. In total, more than 250 tonnes of waste materials including discarded cleaning and sanitary products were removed from the 225mm concrete channels much to the complete satisfaction of our client.

IMG-20170728-WA0007 IMG-20170728-WA0011

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