Unless one is extremely fortunate, the majority of us need to work to support ourselves and our families and to have the disposable income to actively enjoy our leisure time. Work provides many people with a sense of self, status and a source of friendship – all of which can have an impact on one’s sense of well-being and health. Over the last two decades, greater consideration has been placed on the well-being of employees and several studies undertaken to ascertain the impact of psychosocial factors on the health of employees including stress, anxiety and depression. Why is this important? Changes in technology, the nature and pace of work and the blurring of what constitutes ‘work’ and ‘home life’ has placed greater emphasis on understanding emotional and mental health. Whilst Health and Safety at work will always remain paramount, employers have been looking at the benefits of increasing the sense of well-being in the workplace given that this heightened state has been linked to higher levels of productivity, creativity, quality, innovation, reliability as well as better communications, stronger relationships and unity of purpose.

Reflecting the company’s commitment to its employees and to the process of continuous improvement, the McAllister Group recently teamed up with health & safety training consultancy, Health Matters to introduce a scheme aimed at improving workplace health and well-being. Employees were asked to complete an online confidential questionnaire which posed a series of questions about their lifestyle particularly in relation to healthy eating, work-related stress, alcohol consumption, smoking, back pain and health & safety. Topline elements emerging from the report suggest staff were very interested in finding out more about cancer awareness and healthy eating as well as initiatives aimed at increasing physical activity and managing weight. In advance of the summer, McAllister Group will produce an action plan aimed at integrating the findings of the report into a holistic health and well-being programme which will include talks about cancer prevention/screenings, smoking cessation initiatives and a staff Fit Club.

Watch this space!


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