The McAllister Group recently took delivery of a brand new model JHL 414 RECycler®  as part of the Group’s continued investment in cutting-edge technology to underpin its GB operations. The JHL 414 RECycler® is fully computerised offering greater efficiency to the Operator as the RECycler® cleans the jetting water continuously while the operator is performing the sewer cleaning tasks. The manufacturer suggests that case studies have shown an 60% efficiency saving due to moveable partition technology which allows for better separation water from waste and continuous operation. The moveable partition and continuous recycling system makes the RECycler® the most efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly recycling unit on the market. The RECycler® is also advantageous for the sewer lines because the clean water causes less wear and stress on the pipes; this is particularly relevant when working on sewer pipes in areas with older and densely populated city sections.

The JHL 414 RECycler® will be deployed across Group operations in the UK and Ireland.


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