McAllister Group offers a range of residential services. We pride ourselves on being one of the best home drainage solution providers. We are relied on to provide services to households across Ireland, Northern Ireland, and the mainland UK. Our most common services include;

  • Septic Tank Emptying
  • Blocked Drain Services
  • CCTV Surveys
  • Gully Emptying
  • Root Clearing and Cutting

This list is not exhaustive however. We are fully equipped and capable of handling any problems you may have with your sewage or drainage systems. Our highly trained staff are also proficient in the latest technologies and techniques to ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, while also providing a trustworthy service.

Septic Tank Emptying

If your septic tank is due to be emptied, or if it’s full, it’s vital to get it emptied quickly. There are a few quick and easy ways to know whether or not your tank needs emptying. If it is indeed full, or nearing capacity, it’s important to get it emptied to prevent water logging of the soil around the seep-away, to prevent drains backing up and to avoid bad smells.

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Blocked Drain Services

The symptoms associated with drain blockages are likely well known;

  • Toilets not emptying properly when flushed
  • Slow or no drainage of waste water from sinks
  • Water seeping from under manhole covers

In all cases, the blockage may be caused by numerous different things. With McAllister Group, you can trust us to identify the cause and remove the offending material promptly. Helping your pipes get on the move again ASAP.

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CCTV Surveys

CCTV surveys serve multiple purposes. From a geographic data point of view, this information can be complied and incorporated into mapping information. This provides a clear insight into not only what is over-ground, but the networks of pipework underneath.

Additionally, CCTV surveys are often used to assess the situation before action is taken. This allows us access into pipework that may be impossible to investigate manually. From there, the optimal solution can be provided to keep unnecessary costs and disruption to a minimum.

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Gully Emptying

Gullies are generally located around paved areas. They help reduce flood risk in bad weather by collecting excess water. Due to this, there is a tendency for them to collect dirt, silt and litter that is washed into them along with the water. With a yearly increase in rainfall it’s good practice to have them regularly cleared out and checked. Ensuring they work as they should reduces the potential for flooding later.

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Root Cutting & Cleaning

Wastewater flowing through underground pipes is a veritable treasure trove of nutrients. Or at least from the point of view of plants. This is essentially the cause for pipe blockages from root growth. Trees and plants detect water leaking from pipes. The roots grow towards the nutrients and water. Once they reach the pipe, they grow closer to the leak or seepage, and eventually enter the pipe. Forcing themselves through and causing structural damage to the pipe, they also slowly grow to block the pipe.

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Drain Repair

Pipework for drainage and sewage doesn’t come with an unlimited lifespan. Wear and tear, along with root invasion, unexpected trauma, and many other causes can result in pipe damage. We have a range of cutting edge methods for dealing with these issues. With all the tools required to fully complete the project with minimal hassle and disruption to the local area.

Pipes on your property are your responsibility, hence we include this as one of our residential services. Ensuring everyone has a cost effective, hassle free way of getting more technical repair services.

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Ambient or Hot Cure Lining

More commonly, this is a solution for older pipes. Older pipework laid in around the 70’s is prone to collapse or blistering due to the materials used to manufacture it. In tandem with other restorative tasks, ambient and hot cure lining essentially restores damaged pipe. Breathing life back into it for several years. (All pipes should be regularly checked, cleaned and maintained.)

Aside from old pipes, this technique is also useful for areas that have suffered collapses or structural damage.

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