Blocked Drains – No Problem!

The McAllister Group is Ireland’s leading blocked drain service provider. With over 45 years’ expertise we offer customers across the island a rapid, professional and effective service in fixing all types of drainage and sewerage problems. Our highly experienced teams receive extensive up-to-date training on quality systems, Health & Safety and handling specialised equipment.

Causes of Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can be a real problem and can cause long-term damage to pipes if not fixed early. As we all know the best cure is prevention so here are a few common causes of blockages for you to avoid.

  • Food Waste – Especially coffee grounds and tea leaves. Also any fatty foods, grease and oils as they will clog the pipes.
  • Hair – Probably the second biggest culprit behind food. It is best if you install guards to catch hair on your drains and clear them out regularly.
  • Soap – A surprising cause but a big one none the less. A lot of soaps are actually made with fat and can cause major blockages. The fat interacts with the minerals in water and leads to hard residue (soap scum). Switching to fat free soap is recommended.

Making sure you maintain your drains can save you a lot of trouble in the future. Our drain cleaning services can really help out in that respect.

24/7 Emergency Response – assurance for our customers!

Our drain unblocking service is available at all times day or night. With top of the range Jet-Vac units we can handle any blocked drain. We start with a CCTV survey of the drain to determine the exact location and extent of the blockage. Next we use high powered water jets to remove the material causing obstruction. For domestic or commercial clients we have the know-how and equipment to fix your blocked drain problems, no muss no fuss.

Long Term Assistance

Customers can avail of our pre-planned drainage maintenance contracts. The contract is designed to mitigate against emergency drain repair call outs and the expense of sewer cleaning and renovation. A regular and cost-effective drain cleaning service can be scheduled to suit your requirements or arranged bi-annually to ensure your drains are properly maintained.

Case Study

NI Water C665 Contract

June 23, 2016