For over three decades the McAllister Group has successfully worked on multiple infrastructure projects, transport improvement schemes, road upgrading projects and waste management improvement projects in the UK and Ireland. We have been fortunate to work with leading British and Irish engineering, construction and building contracting companies and consultants. Specifically, the McAllister Group hasĀ  industry expertise in the protection, repair and maintenance of waste water infrastructure.

The experience gained from working with international contractors and consultants has focussed our skillsets and honed our professionalism. As a consequence, we appreciate the importance of: –

  • Effective project design
  • Adopting a flexible approach throughout the lifespan of the project
  • Two-way effective communications
  • Having contingency plans at hand if required
  • Effective collaboration with other companies on site
  • Responding proactively to unexpected programme changes.

Every project is different, so we focus our teams on ensuring site-specific risk assessment, management and communication. For the repair, protection or maintenance of existing waste water infrastructure, a major priority within the project brief is eliminating or minimising disruption for our customers and end-users. To mitigate against major disruptions, we adopt a flexible approach which involves system analysis, temporary by-passing of the section currently being worked on, out-of-hours working and pre-works communications campaigns.

For the majority of our contracting clients, particularly with the increasing application of Business Information Modelling (BIM), accurate and timely production of documentation and deliverables is critical. Our goal is always to pre-empt our clients in providing all the relevant information they require in advance of when they need it!

For waste water infrastructure repair, protection or capacity issues, the McAllister Group offers Consulting Engineers assistance whether they:

  • have identified a problem and want to scope, price or discuss a solution
  • need to further investigate a problem to determine the cause and potential solutions.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism and our ability to work collaboratively with all companies to deliver the most appropriate solution within a project or scheme. We would invite you to get in touch with us should you have any projects you would like to discuss in further details.