Project in focus

Project Category:Infrastructure – Utilities
Project Name:Factory Road, North Woolwich, London Borough of Newham
Client:J. Murphy & Sons. acting as Main Contractor for Crossrail
Location:North Woolwich

Concrete Pipe Before and After pictures

Project Brief:Renewal / replacement of a 120m section of 600mm concrete pipe that had been completely corroded by an aggressive effluent discharge from local factories
Client Brief:The customer wanted to eliminate the high risk of ground pollution and potential sink hole development in a high load highway
Issues faced:Making use of the opportunity of a CrossRail related carriageway closure, the client wanted to minimise the environmental footprint within the CrossRail worksite for a short duration and to avoid deep excavation of high-risk ground with a high water table in a highly industrial and potentially polluted area
Works preparation:Pre and post CCTV Surveys of affected sewers; Effluent sampling by man entry at various locations and times to capture the full range of chemical and temperature variations; Liner design for heavy traffic loading, type 3 fully structural liner; Resin design chemical resistance and high temperatures and 120m long 600mm diameter free in air UV liner and Flow monitoring to enable design of over-pumping and tankering solution for duration of liner installation
Solution:Ultra Violet Cured GRP Liner custom designed and supplied by Impreg. One pump to manage flow with standby pump as emergency capacity. Tankers to control specific factory irregular outputs.
Outcomes:People – No public, staff or third party HSQE accidents or incidents during the project

People – the McAllister Group handled all communication and liaison with affected businesses and factories.

People – CrossRail induction and compliance required for all staff and plant due to operation with CrossRail site.

Technical – IKT Design approval for installed liner structural and chemical resistance design specification

Technical – Close liaison with DSM and Impreg to adjust resins and liner build up to achieve target structural and chemical properties

Technical – Mobilised, installed and demobilised within 2 x 8 hour shifts, working within Section 61 working time restrictions

Environment – significantly reduced carbon footprint

Environment – all delivery packaging and timber recycled

Environment – 20 Kg of offcuts for entire project sent to landfill

Environment – 6 tonnes of silt and debris removed and treated as contaminated waste

Environment – No water used in cleaning operation with the use of recycling JetVac units utilising available flow

Client perspective:“This was a hassle free delivery of a difficult scheme. McAllister took on all aspects of the solution design from flow management to effluent sampling, and designed and delivered exactly what we needed “, Michael Walsh, Optimise