GIS mapping is designed to collect geographic data to allow for more informed decisions to be made. The collected data, can further be combined with maps and CCTV investigation. This produces a data set that gives a highly detailed insight into an area. In terms of Sewer network studies, this data can be invaluable when planning new construction or changes to existing infrastructure.

What we do

The McAllister Group has been carrying out Sewer Network Surveys since 1991 and has over 90 projects completed to date. These range from small village surveys, to full city surveys. These cover sewer networks of less than 5km, to ones running for several hundred. Asset volumes also range from lower than 50, up to and over several thousand. We have completed projects for the majority of the Water Authorities in the UK and Ireland. addition to numerous private companies.

Our experienced survey teams undertake detailed structural and dimensional surveys of key sewer assets. These often involve confined space entry to ensure the data is accurate and complete. The data is recorded in hard copy survey card form or using the latest mobile devices. A network model of the sewer network is produced in InfoNet. Drawings of the network in AutoCAD format are also produced – visual data making it much easier to explain and understand.

Additional Services

We also carry out comprehensive Pumping Station surveys. This includes drop tests to assess pump efficiency and operation. We also assess the mechanical and electrical details of the pumping station.

Overall, the Sewer Network Survey consists of:

  • Manhole Surveys
  • CSO and Outfall Surveys
  • Pumping Station Surveys
  • Sewer Ancillary Surveys

All in accordance with the Model Contract Document. Many of the sewer network survey completed also required flow and rainfall surveys and Impermeable Area surveys.

We also carry out full Topographical surveys using the latest GPS technology. We also use the traditional total station technique. This ensures compatible options are open to our clients.