Gullies are used to remove surface water from roads and paved areas. They help avoid flooding in bad weather conditions. It is best if they are regularly cleaned of all dirt, silt and litter. With rainfall increasing year in year out and a further risk of snow the value of making sure gullies are clean is vital to us all. They are often blocked with leaves, soil and other items. This prevents the flow of water from the gully to the drain. A blocked gully can lead to serious flooding, accidents and damage to roads and paved areas. This is why it is very important to avail of our gully emptying services before damage occurs.

Our Process

We start off by removing all debris and grit from around each gully. Next we perform a high power rinse of the gully. Finally we take a flush test to ensure the gullies are working properly again. Our team’s speed and quality of work is assured for all gully emptying services. If it is as part of an ongoing maintenance plan or a one-off emergency fix, we are able to supply a gully sucker to attend your site and undertake the cleaning of all gullies. We also make sure the removed waste is disposed of correctly.

Why Choose us?

We here at the McAllister Group have huge experience in the emptying of gullies. Our large fleet of units are designed for safe and expert work on highways to clean and maintain road gullies. We have worked with such groups as the NI Department for Infrastructure, the Highways Agency UK and County & Local Councils across the Republic of Ireland. We offer maintenance contracts for Facilities Management companies managing Retail and Commercial properties and long-term maintenance contracts for local authorities.