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Project Category:Infrastructure, Utilities
Project Name:C665
Client:Northern Ireland Water (NI Water)
Location:Across Northern Ireland
Contract overview:Under the Northern Ireland Water C665 Contract, the McAllister Group operates as the Lead Contractor for Meridian Utilities on the provision of Sewage Maintenance Services. Under the contract our obligations include: –

  • Clearing pipeline blockages and cleaning spillages for NI Water within a four-hour response time
  • The de-silting, de-greasing and root removal of drainage pipelines across the region for NI Water – a two-hour response time window exists for emergency call-outs and all routine works must be completed within 28 days upon receipt of an order
  • The sump cleaning of all Northern Ireland’s sewerage pumping stations
  • CCTV surveying of pipelines within Eastern and Southern divisions for Northern Ireland Water including emergency and pre-adoption works
  • Tankering Services are provided on a re-active basis and all orders must be completed with a two-hour emergency response time
  • We also provide routine & responsive cleaning of sludge holding tanks at Northern Ireland Waters WWTW’s to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the plants
  • The McAllister Group is also required to provide flow control to Civil Engineering Contractors carrying out open cut works for Northern Ireland Water
Management of Contract :To execute the terms of the C665 contract comprehensively on behalf of NI Water, the McAllister Group operates 15 in-house crews and 25 subcontracted crews. The C665 contract is operated on a 24/7 basis from our in-house call centre. The Contract requires that all works are recorded to Northern Ireland Water’s stated specifications and all completed orders must be billed and accompanied by documentation to substantiate the satisfactory completion of the works.

  • The McAllister Group attend to approximately 20,000 call outs per annum to clear pipeline blockages and spills. We have a four-hour response time and presently maintain a 98% compliance with the requirement
  • Over 100km of drainage pipelines across the region are desilted, degreased and have any ingrowing roots removed annually
  • The cleaning of sumps in sewerage pumping stations across Northern Ireland equates to 3500 visits per annum


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