What it involves

Removal of obstructions in pipes using remote operated cutting robot or high pressure water jets (HPWJ).

Our Service 

  • CCTV Survey helps us establish the most appropriate technique to utilise.
  • We have a range of sizes and configurations of robotic cutters and cutting heads. Our cutter range includes the heavy duty Haechler Hydraulic cutting robot, the mobile IBG water powered unit and our electric/air powered Prokasro unit.
  • We use a number of partners who have both plant and expertise in the use of HPWJ.

Our Process

  • Determine how the cutting robot or HPWJ  will be monitored to avoid any risk of damaging sound pipe areas, typically using CCTV on the equipment or by using a standalone camera.
  • Manage flows to ensure appropriate visibility.
  • Create collection point and method for debris arising.
  • Insert the cutter or jetting head into the pipe and drive to relevant position.
  • Cut and monitor progress.
  • Remove debris at appropriate intervals.
  • Upon completion take a post completion CCTV survey of the area/pipe length as per customer requirements.


  • Pre-works survey and assessment of the nature and volume of the obstruction.
  • Upstream and downstream access to the pipe.
  • Safe access and working area around chambers to be used.

When to use robotic cutting and very high pressure water jetting

  • The applications for using these techniques are numerous including the removal of hard scale, concrete, displaced rubber pipe seals, intruding connections, tree roots and various other obstructions.
  • McAllister Bros also routinely use robotic cutters for pipe preparation prior to lining systems and to re-open lateral connections after lining.
  • The primary benefits are speed and cost, particularly when the offending obstructions are located underneath infrastructure or expensive surface finishes.

How we can help

Our staff are very experienced in the use of the devices having received extensive training from the manufacturer.

As an early adopter of lining technology in the UK and with over four decades’ experience in the drainage industry, there are few who could compete with our experience of removing obstructions from pipes. We currently operate a fleet of 5 robotic cutters ranging from powerful hydraulic cutters that can easily deal with concrete and steel obstructions to our versatile air cutters for small diameter and difficult access projects.

In addition to our extensive in-house resources, our supplier networks are extremely strong including working with companies offering 30,000 psi jetting equipment.