Sewer Network Maintenance

We at the McAllister Group are proud of the work we do on the sewer network. Across the UK and Ireland we work with water utility companies and local authorities such as N.I. Water. We help to improve sewer network performance and the management of customer problems. Sewer network maintenance and cleaning is highly important. Which is why we make sure that treatment plants are working as well as can be. Anything from leaks or blockages could cause huge stress to the system. Our sewers are what transport all our sewage from A to B. That it why it is vital we deal with problems as quickly as possible. By collaborating with customers before they embark on a sewer network maintenance project enables us to minimise customer interruptions and enhance essential services.

One of our main goals is to optimise our Key Performance Targets set by our customers against service requirements. We operate a 24/7 contract call centre which manages emergency call outs. Our site managers provide on the ground technical support to our work squads. The site managers will also review work operations to develop opportunities for continuous improvement.

The speed of response of our teams is critical in helping to minimise the number of complaints received by our clients.  We ensure that at all times we have the appropriate number of trained squads available. This allows us to respond to sewer network issues against the set time parameters specified. We also ensure that we fulfill any response time commitment given to the customer reporting a sewer network problem. We pride ourselves on our highly-trained, professional and focused employees who seek to get the job done right the first time.

Investment in process

The McAllister Group has continued to invest in new technology both to reduce cost and to improve customer service with the end goal to minimise disruption to the client.We aim to identify sewer network problems at an earlier stage enabling a speedier response. By changing and adapting working practices we improve efficiency. We have developed a more customer and performance-led culture. This leads to the minimum of disruption possible to all our clients.

Case Study

NI Water C665 Contract

June 23, 2016