The following elements are the cornerstones for the approach we adopt when undertaking all client projects:

Supporting the customer to determine the optimal and best value solution

Leveraging our experience and expertise and in working closely with our customers, we seek to derive the optimal solution for any capacity, structural or service problems presented. The outworking of these discussions will be a robust outline design concept that balances for the customer their budgetary considerations as well as pressing time parameters and access problems. Understanding the extent to which these mitigating factors will impact on the project will shape the range of solutions we will present to the client to allow for the best fit for the project – the resolution of the problem is paramount so our proposed solutions are not bound by loyalty to any one manufacturer or product. Our customers should be assured that our pricing on the project is both equitable and offers value-for-money.

High productivity, efficiency and delivery on site

We fully understand that the success of the project is dependent on all individual elements coming together at the right time. By scoping out the parameters of the project in advance and setting out clear action plans before commencing work on site, we are well-equipped to complete our schedule of works within the agreed timeframe. Our highly-trained, highly experienced and highly-motivated teams will translate these action plans on site to deliver quickly without compromising the quality of the work. Thorough planning coupled with having the right people to deliver the right solution enables us to contend with any eventuality which may arise during the lifespan of the project.

Leading Customer service and technical support

An oft overlooked dimension of project work is the importance of communication. Our experience has informed our understanding that many problems inherent within a project are the result of poor or unidirectional communications. We seek to clarify the parameters of the project from the outset, favouring open and transparent communications with our partners and clients. This approach is the only means to develop, foster and maintain long-term working relationships. We do not compromise on professionalism. Our customers should be assured by the experience and expertise of our senior staff and team members. The strength of our working relationships with our suppliers also underpins the technical support offered to our customers. Our customers are guaranteed the most innovative project solutions containing cutting-edge technical processes, equipment and materials and supported by the leading sectoral manufacturers across Europe.

Safety, Respect, Training and Development

We have garnered a reputation with our industry for our attitude to project management and the attitude of our teams onsite. The McAllister Group provides extensive Quality, Health & Safety training to each employee consisting of a blend of in-house, on-site, manufacturer and third party training. This training is to augment skill gaps, develop the individual’s expertise and to provide exposure to a variety of working conditions, situations and environments. Our behaviours on site are also informed by our adherence to the working procedures set out by our partners or customers. We take our corporate responsibilities very seriously as our work may impact the environment, employees, clients and the public we serve. We are aware of the impact our works can have on the environment and as a responsible contractor, we strive to minimise these negative impacts and maximise the positive opportunities we can create. We are fully committed to doing so in a way that is fair, transparent and above all, safe and sustainable.

The McAllister Group is a quality-assured company, maintaining and operating an Integrated Management System which covers Quality, Environment and Health & Safety. We have policies in place to ensure that our employees conduct business in a fair, professional and ethical manner. The McAllister Group is certified to a number of internationally recognised standards including:

  • Health and Safety Management – OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Quality Management – ISO 9001:2008
  • Environmental Management – ISO 14001:2004

Since 2014, the Company has been recognised by the Department of Employment and Learning (DELNI) as an Investors in People company. These accreditations bear testament to McAllister Bros. Ltd.’s ongoing commitment to workforce development and to creating a framework designed to help the company develop the knowledge and skills of its workforce.