The McAllister Group has been working as a specialist contractor on both UK and Irish Water Company Infrastructure projects both directly and indirectly for over 30 years.

Our key WASC customers include:

  • Thames Water – Rehabilitation Framework Contractor since 2006, ongoing direct and indirect work (via tier 1 Contractors)
  • Northern Ireland Water – We have been responsible for all drainage and sewer network maintenance for NI water since 2008 including all blocked drains, de-silting and cleaning of all sewers, maintenance of pumping stations and waste water treatment works. This equates to nearly 30,000 jobs fulfilled per annum
  • Irish Water – We are currently the main contractor for Irish Water on 3 frameworks – Drainage Maintenance/CCTV pipeline surveys and sewer cleaning/Sewer Rehabilitation works
  • Severn Trent Water – Rehabilitation contractor through Tier 1 contractors
  • Southern Water – Working extensively on Southern Water Infrastructure since 2012 through partnerships with key Tier 1 Contractors
  • Tier 1 contractors – working with multiple contractors on sewer rehabilitation projects and contracts

In conducting work on behalf of our customers or partners, we give careful consideration to the catchment area attempting to ensure a minimisation of disruption to network services or operations. Customer care and professionalism is paramount and we act in the knowledge that we have a reputational duty of care to our customers and in turn their customers. Consequently, our goal beyond completing the programme of works professionally is to ensure that people are kept informed of works, that we avoid or minimise disruption to their lives and leave a positive impression upon completion.