For over 40 years McAllister Group have been unmatched in our wet well cleaning skills in NI and the Republic. Our specialist waste teams are able to deal with all your waste problems. Wet wells, pumping stations, septic tanks or sumps it matters not. For each project, we provide a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement. We will work out with the clients, precise details of the plant and equipment to be used. We also provide full details of the personnel involved in the operation and the timetable for the work.

Wet well cleaning can be a vital part of asset management. The interior of a sewage pump station is a very dangerous place. Poisonous gases, such as methane and hydrogen sulphide, can accumulate in a wet well. An ill-equipped person entering the well would be overcome by fumes very quickly. We at McAllister Group possess the equipment to to make sure your pump stations and wet wells operate at peak efficiency at all times. Without regular cleaning residue can build up. This leads to blockages and damage which can mean increased costs for your company.   

We have a fleet of vehicles including tankers, ranging in size from 2,000 gallons to a 5,000-gallon capacity. These can handle larger quantities of material through powerful suction pumps. Our vehicles recycle the liquid, holding onto the heavier solids and re-introducing the liquid back into the tank if required. As a registered waste handler, we comply stringently with all laws for waste disposal. As part of our extended service, we can prepare and complete all the appropriate legal waste documents on behalf of clients. The company has also developed an expertise in treating waste oil/fuel. We offer clients a range of services to clean out interceptors and tank bunds either on a one-off or annual maintenance contract.