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McAllister Specialist Construction, a part of the McAllister Group, provides specialist trenchless construction solutions for the no-dig construction environment.

The McAllister Group are one of the leading trenchless environmental services companies in Ireland & the UK. We work across the UK, Northern Ireland and into the Republic through our regional offices and our specialists will provide you with a professional and fast response.

At McAllister Specialist Construction we can call on over 49 years’ experience at working underground in the trenchless civil engineering sector. McAllister Specialist Construction understands the importance of underground utilities & infrastructure from shaft sinking to pipe installation, operation, rehabilitation to maintenance.

If your project has any requirement for trenchless underground construction please contact us to see if we can assist.

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Specialist Sewer or Pipeline Access.

Pipelines can often be in a difficult to access place, whether that’s 20 meters below ground or under a railway track or a road. McAllister Specialist Construction can help with providing access through trenchless civil engineering techniques; either through suitable design and construction of shafts, timber headings or pipejacking for side access. McAllister Specialist Construction can also help with manhole construction on existing sewers to help  provide access to maintain and operate the underground asset.

Trenchless Feasibility Studies

whether it’s a review of the site investigation, initial design or a survey McAllister Specialist Construction can assist you with preparation of the feasibility study & specification for which trenchless option would suit your project requirements. McAllister Specialist Construction can assess a range of trenchless techniques from horizontal directional drilling, pipejacking, microtunnelling to guided auger boring  – McAllister Specialist Construction have experience in all of these techniques covering various industry sectors from water to oil & gas.

Trenchless Pipe Installation

Probably one of the most efficient ways of installing pipes is to do it using trenchless methods, with so many options for no dig pipe installation its important to select  the correct one for the ground conditions and understand the risk associated. McAllister Specialist Construction have worked in almost every type of ground condition under many sub surface environments from railways to rivers. McAllister Specialist Construction can help with bringing Trenchless sewer connections into existing sites using many various techniques.

Tunnel and Culvert rehabilitation

Tunnels and Culverts are expensive to install and design therefore it is important that they are repaired & maintained to increase their lifespan. Rehabilitation can be for various reasons such as Infiltration, structural defects, corrosion attack to  installing increased drainage with cross passages etc.. There are many different ways McAllister Specialist Construction can help rehabilitate your existing tunnel or pipeline assets from spray concrete lining, bespoke GRP lining, void grouting, sealing and waterproofing to traditional ribs and lagging.

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