McAllister Group launch Think Big, Act Safe campaign during Safety Standown day.

The campaign highlighted not only the vision of the company for the coming months/years but also recent successes. ‘Think Big’ is not only a business campaign but a drive for personal aspirations and the betterment of colleagues. With a guest speaker, Sally Dodman Edwards from Thames Water, Health and Safety was the focus of the day with an open forum for discussions with the added advantage of completing some additional Lampe Stopper training amongst others.

Steve Holloway, McAllister Group SHEQ Manager commented that “having all colleagues located in England together in one place, at the same time, is a once or twice a year opportunity. Not only does it enforce the commitment from the company with regards to continuous improvement but also continues to reiterate the safety message”.

Dan Watson, McAllister Group Managing Director explained “Over the past few years McAllister Group have been on an exciting journey that has seen improvements and growth in all parts of the business. We want to make sure that the momentum does not slow and the business objectives are fulfilled. We want our colleagues to be a part of that journey and enjoy the success but more importantly, ensure it is done safely”.

Dan continued “A lot of care and planning went into organising this event given our current climate. Maintaining social distancing was a key focus and additional PPE was available when this wasn’t possible.

We would like to thank Sally Dodman Edwards from Thames Water for her support and commitment to the day.”