At Broadway, close to the Royal Group of Hospitals you will see the dramatic sculpture which has become affectionately known locally as ‘The Balls at the Falls’. The sculpture which is officially entitled ‘Rise‘ by English Artist Wolfgang Buttress was erected in 2011 at Broadway Roundabout. More than 85,000 thousand cars pass the sculpture on a daily basis oblivious to what lies underneath the sculpture.

Deep underground is a tunnel at which the Rivers Blackstaff and Clowney converge before dividing. The Blackstaff flooded in 1952 causing significant damage in the Tate’s Avenue area of South Belfast. To contain any further overflow, a relief culvert was built at Broadway to change the course of the river. The original river runs North towards the city centre under the Europa Bus Centre and the BBC Blackstaff Studios towards the Gasworks off Cromac Street. The diverted river course takes it towards the Lagan River at Botanic.

Our shot depicts a process called Man Entry Surveying. To undertake such a survey, all staff must be fully trained in the use of relevant equipment and must have undertaken a course to work in Confined Spaces. Use of PPE clothing, intrinsically safe communications and lighting, deployment of escape packs or fully-working BA equipment and devices to monitor the environment are also perquisites for working in such spaces. Our teams are highly trained and possess considerable expertise and experience working within Confined Spaces gained on numerous projects across Ireland and the UK. The safety of our personnel and others is paramount on all McAllister Group sites!

During the taking of the image, no Mutant Ninja Turtles, overgrown rats, Crocodiles or Halloween monsters were discovered. If they had been, they would almost certainly have had to undertake a Health and Safety induction.

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